Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hadoop HDFS Web UI

Now goto we will see namenode info from webpage

Now goto we will see secondarynamenode info from webpage

Started:Sat May 21 11:21:01 EDT 2016
Version:2.6.4, r5082c73637530b0b7e115f9625ed7fac69f937e6
Compiled:2016-02-12T09:45Z by jenkins from (detached from 5082c73)
Cluster ID:CID-4fc1b111-3c85-4e0a-9cd5-e44ec8fe0192
Block Pool ID:BP-796093918-

Block Pool ID: New in Hadoop2,
HDFS files are stored as blocks in hard drive. These blocks were put into a physical pool to be managed.
Every Namenode has a pool, each pool has an ID

Cluster ID and Block Pool ID are concepts for Namenode Federation.


IN $HADOOP_HOME/logs 156419 bytes May 21, 2016 12:54:32 PM 4913 bytes May 21, 2016 11:31:45 AM

.log file: by log4j, log most application logs, configured by
.out file: output standard output and standard error logs, does not have a lot

log file name format:
[framework]-[username]-[process name]-[host name].log/

can also run command: ulimit -a

NameNode Journal Status

Edits of NameNode

NameNode Storage

Startup Progress
SecondaryNameNode combines fsimage and edits periodically, and update fsimage, delete  edits.
Each time it combines, it saves a checkpoint

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