Thursday, January 14, 2016


Set cookie

 Cookie cookie = new Cookie("name","abc"); //new Cookie(String,String)
 //in seconds, default if not set: cleaned when browser closed
 response.addCookie(cookie); //remember to call addCookie

Get cookie

//Have to get all cookies as Array, then loop through each of them

Cookie cookies[] = request.getCookies(); //return null if none cookies
for(int i=0;i&ltcookies.length;i++){
 Cookie cookie = cookies[i];

  • Multiple browsers can share the same cookie 
  • If set the same key word, the old value will be replaced 
  • Every cookie can have their own life length 
  • All cookie from the same webapp will store in one single file on client hard drive, with timestamp
  • 20 most cookies a webapp can save to browser, each cookie have 4k max space
  • a browser can save 300 most cookies
Cookie life cycle
  • Cookie by default, will be destroyed when browser closed
  • setMaxAge(1000) can set length of life time for cookie
  • setMaxAge(0) destroy cookie
  • setMaxAge(-1000) cookie will destroy when browser closed
Cookie with Different Character set
String val ="中国字","utf-8");
Cookie cookie = new Cookie("name",val);
  String val =,"utf-8");

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